Chemistry at Work

Chemistry at Work
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chapter 2 Verse #2- Never Thought Hip Hop Would Take Us This Far

Today is a historic moment for Hip Hop. Common is the host of the National Tree Lighting Ceremony for the White House this year! Anyone who knows me or for those who don't must know that I've been a fan of Common since his first album- Can I Borrow A Dollar? It's amazing to watch the evolution of people. I'm so grateful to have the privacy to evolve and grow without the scrutiny of the public eye. What a train wreck I would look like to most.

2 days ago, I watched President Obama address the news reporters after a significant piece of legislature was signed. It as all about extending the Bush era tax cuts to the wealthy and preventing tax increases for the poor and middle class. The gist of this was about the art of negotiation- compromise in order to reach the long term goal. Many political critics and public opinion criticize the President's actions over these past 2 years he's been in office. He is such a brilliant man and I LOVE the way he verbally slayed the reporter with poise and lightening sharp focus. I've always agreed with the Democratic party that he's had to spend his first 2 years in pure crisis mode. All focus has been directed toward fixing the troubles left by his predecessors and trying to stop the explosion of the country's economic meltdown. In his address, he mentioned this very thing. All of these issues being addressed while dealing with death threats on a daily bases. A statistic ran a couple of months ago that President Obama has received double the death threats of ALL 43 presidents combined in his first year of office!! It seems completely unreal. As I watch humanity's story unfold, it's sometimes difficult to see the beauty in the hearts of mankind. But then in those golden moments when you're fortunate to witness an inspiring speech, or hear a song that moves your soul or see someone give love to a complete stranger in an act of kindness; then hope is rekindled.

Oh yeah, Common. Super excited to see the program today! I just wish he could hit a b-boy stance just for the heck of it!

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