Chemistry at Work

Chemistry at Work
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Chapter 7: Verse #1 -LOVE

LOVE: I sit at my computer this beautiful spring afternoon contemplating on what to write. LOVE popped in my head and a warm enlarging feeling expanded my heart space. As always with my writing endeavors, my entries are few and far between. Life has brought in a wave of lessons learned, house cleaning (physical and spiritual), old friends leaving, new adventures happening and finally my heart has opened to love.

Me & my 2 best friends & the loves of my life
The breaking of the old was sad for me. People that I have known since my young adult years that I considered the closest to my heart, left me with shocking disappointment and sorrow. At the exact same exact time old friends, loved ones I consider my soul mates reappeared in my life.  Love showed up and I'm so glad that I was available to receive it. Self love made its debut as well.  I finally decided to honor myself and never accept work out of desperation for money. It made for a very shitty experience and I felt undervalued and my own self respect was undermined at my own hands. I've spent the last 10 weeks in total self care and I no longer feel guilty for nurturing my own soul. Exhale. 

Magic Light Sky show
One week ago, my best friend ( the tall one) took me to an intro to meditation class. I admit I was slightly hesitant only because I - the one called MEGA - already knew how to meditate. I do it all the time; at least so I thought.  The irony of this statement really starts as I reference a personal journal entry I made earlier that day ( 5/5) asking my angels and guides to send me a new teacher, one for yoga. But also the request extended to asking for help to get my mind centered and peaceful, allowing more joy to be my everyday experience as opposed to fleeting moments as of late.  Mal and I walked two short blocks down from my place to the Shiatsu message school.  He smiled, I smiled. I shook his hand and my heart suddenly expanded and was accompanied by a wave of warmness that washed through me.  In that fraction of a moment, time felt as if it stood still "Wow he is powerful," was my first thought, once I recovered from the movie- like moment of paused time.  Let's fast forward to the gentle energy he illuminated, the flash of the dimples, beautiful inviting smile and his model shaped body. He was nothing like the robe shrouded, large bellied Vedic instructor I had preconceived on my walk to the venue.  His lecture lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes. I hung on to every word.  Needless to say, my guides answered my prayers within hours! I found my new teacher. I look forward to starting class next month.  It's exactly what I need.  Let there be Light :)
Prayers facing the Sun for my sister

Lastly, love and healing between me and my sister Lisa took place over these last 4 days. Lisa and I have been estranged for two years. Its been a very challenging and sorrow-filled journey with her almost our entire lives.  The past four years have been the most difficult and it wasn't until recently that I found my compassion and was able to see her life through her eyes. That moment started my healing process with her. Friday, May 10th she was admitted into the hospital with excruciating pain in her neck and shoulders. Things escalated over the weekend and she is now touch and go. I don't know if my sister will pull through this or not.  Silently, in meditation I was able to connect with her spirit and for the first time ever we healed our relationship.  My closeted gifts as a medium and empath came in handy since my sister is physically 3000 miles away from me. My greatest teacher on love and forgiveness is my big sister Lisa and I am so very, very grateful.

 LOVE, that's all there really is.  Ancient and modern mystics alike all have the same simple message. I choose with all my heart to BE LOVE that I was created to be.  Now let's see how this all plays out.

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