Chemistry at Work

Chemistry at Work
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Chapter #7: Verse 2- The Art of Letting Go & Moving Forward

I just spent 45 minutes typing this entry only for it to get caught in the technology matrix and erase the entire copy when I clicked the publish button.  The art of letting go never seemed more appropriate than now as I am trying to let go of being thoroughly pissed off that my simple masterpiece just got erased.  How does one recreate genius?  I need a pop tart and DJ Jazzy Jeff's house mix. Ok here's my attempt to...

raw juicing- drink it in, it is good!
It's day #10 of my 40 day detox.  In partnership with my 2 best friends we all agreed no drinking or drugging for 30 days. Rikki initiated the initial challenge, Malcolm up'd his to 35 days and with lighting quickness the number 40 fell out of my mouth.  I recall two thoughts popping in my head simultaneously; I don't drink that much, 40 days should be "nothing" and why not 40- in the Bible major things seemed to have always happened in, within or at the end of 40 days.  The catch is not just eliminating alcohol and recreational drugs but ALL liquids that are not water or fresh juice.  Even with this rule, I was still thinking it would be easy because I'm not an over-indulger in alcohol or drugs. My day 10 confession; I love beer, I really enjoy a great red wine and my daily morning ritual of my vanilla nut coffee with pumpkin spice creamer is just a necessary tool of happiness survival.  I had no idea that my self awareness would be fine-tuned so quickly.  What the hell is going on! Do I want it simply because it's no longer a choice? The mind is deliciously awesome and evil.

Beats, sneakers & alot of sweat....
 I also must mention that I'm 5 weeks in on my fitness regime.  I made the commitment to get my ass in gear and stay on a daily exercise routine.  Many moons ago I used to run track. Somewhere in my traumatized track training I told myself that I hate running. That old story plays like a broken record even today. Just a few days ago both wisdom and maturity showed up and told me that I needed to let go of that old story and rewrite a new one. Here's the new story: "I LOVE running! I am so grateful that I am so healthy that I can run freely at anytime I choose. I'm 42 years old and I am still mistaken for years younger than I am.  I love compliments.  I want to make sure I still keep doing everything I can to keep myself healthy and fit and looking years younger than I am. Plus, I like occasionally getting carded when I buy beer, yet another compliment :). I have the beach and the Pacific ocean as my backdrop! There is nothing better than running everyday filling my body and lungs with ocean air."

"evil is necessary" - Eddie Murphy in Vampire in Brooklyn
The Universe's humor goes like this; as I was running towards the Palisades I run past the Hot Dog on a Stick stand (those damn turkey corn dogs) and this wonderful sign outside of a "watering hole."  I immediately wanted to stop, have a cold beer, some hand-cut french fries and then turn around and walk home.  I didn't succumb to my momentary weakness but I did stop long enough to take this picture and text it to Malcolm with caption, "Damn it! What day is this?"

I am growing spiritually by leaps and bounds everyday. As long as I am Earth-bound, I know that in order to keep up with my next wave of spiritual growth my body has to be ready to hold and maintain this new onslaught of energy.  Old ways of doing things, out-dated limiting mind recordings and simply all things that no longer serve me must be let go completely.  No more excuses because my higher self awaits me. I will not allow for anything less than great.  I'm glad that I finally caught up to the grander vision  (wwheeewww).  Maybe now I can move through all of this resistance a bit more effortlessly and allow myself to receive all of the great that is waiting for me.

vanilla nut coffee traded in for organic green tea

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